Workflow campaigns

Workflow campaigns allow you to send a series of emails based on a trigger event. They are similar to transactional campaigns, only that there are made of multiple steps. Email delivery of each step will trigger the next one. An exit event will stop the entire workflow for an user, […]

Configure FTP servers for data import & export

Our system is able to read and write files to FTP locations. First you need to configure the accounts and add them under Integrations The following form will show up when you add a new account. To save changes to an account, you must first successfully Test Connection. The configured […]

How to export users to a FTP or SFTP location?

You can automatically export User segments on a recurring basis to a FTP location. Keep in mind that exporting a segment recursively might can generate similar or duplicate results if you do not use time/date related conditions. Most common cases examples: users who unsubscribed yesterday, for an export running daily […]

Understanding Product Data segmentation

Having product feed syncronized with our system allows you to do very advanced segmentation based on product information: one to one transactional emails can be conditioned by product stock, product main attribute or event attributes like colour; bulk segmentation based on product ID (please choose itemID). Most common issues When campaigns […]

JS expression condition

For onsite campaigns you can use a new type of comparison in your conditions: JS expression JS expression is a bit different than the rest but open you the door for unlimited validations. For example: Examples String expressions: Integer/Float values expressions: Expression usage: JS expression you enter on the right […]

How to segment/query users

Segmentation can be done based on user profile attributes and user activity. Here we will talk about user profile attributes. User attributes can be fixed values (like names, or emails who don’t change) or dynamic, which we’ll compute for you: last visit to site or last purchase value for example. […]

Define custom javascript selectors

We’ve built integration modules for some of the most common ecommerce platforms. However some themes customizations changed default values, so we’re not able to track some data correctly. Usually the problematic events are addtocart and addtowishlist. So we added custom CSS selectors which can be set under your Settings ->Account Settings […]

Setup for Adserver Campaigns

Before creating and running adserver campaigns you need to set up zones and groupings. To do this go to Site Ads and in the zones tab there is a link to edit zones and groupings. What are Adserver zones? Adserver zones represent specific areas from your website (with a certain […]

Adserver Campaigns

Our Site Ads campaigns work like a personalized adserver: display banners in some areas from your website, depending on user segmentation For this to work you first need to: define zones and groupings for your website. create at list one campaign with at least one banner. Campaign Settings For each […]