How to read Campaign Processing Stats

A transactional campaign runs continuously by analysing the incoming events against campaign conditions, checking user conditions, processing email content and delivering the email. This duration from trigger to delivery differs based on campaign conditions. All dates are server time (UTC) and might differ from campaign results graphs! Events Processing This […]

How to enable onboarding steps for accounts

As agency you can enable or disable a specific menu for customer accounts: onboarding. Onboarding steps is a dedicated page with the following sections. This will allow customer to update/configure the most important sections of it’s account. To enable onboarding for a customer there are 2 flags: Under Accounts Settings, […]

User Attributes with default values

As you know we have default user attributes, some dynamic, but also allow you to add new attributes. Some of those attributes have default values in the system, in order to be easier to use in segmentations. The following attributes have a default value. This means that conditions like “is […]

How to preview onsite content

For onsite content preview needs to happen in the context of the website, in order to fully validate it. This is recommended because we embed the html as is in the page, and there might be CSS conditions that break it. For this follow the next steps: Preview the content […]

Email sending speed and limits

Our system usually sends emails with a rate ranging from 30 emails/second up to 200. If you use external service providers (Amazon SES, SMTP, SendGrid) make sure they support receiving requests up to this limits. For Amazon SES you can read about sending limits here: