Why Content Preview fails

When you preview an email you might get an error similar to this one. Why to preview content Preview of content has 2 specific goals: To investigate the aspect of the content, if everything is according to your needs To determine if content information is valid, according to data available […]

How Algorithm Fallback works

Algorithm Fallback it’s the last resort that tells the system what to do when there are no results within the whole list of algorithms. There are 4 options for the fallback, for any recommendation block: Smart Recommendations According to filters Ignore position Stop display or delivery 1. Smart Recommendations This […]

How push notifications work

Technology behind push notifications is different than the other ones we use for communicating to customers (emails, or sms). If for SMS and email we can determine if the user can receive the message, for push we don’t always have this feedback. How batch push really works: When a user […]

How to change email design template?

You have at least one email design template that you can use in your email editor. If you want you can add more from Setup->Gallery. To read more about this please check this article. To change the email template and use another one from gallery: Step 1. Reset Email Content […]

Ask for Push Notifications permission

For push notifications to be sent you need to have user permission (Campaigns -> Push -> Permission). The permission is given to a specific domain name and can be asked only once (per domain). If user denied it, you can’t ask him again for that domain and the only way […]

How to test email content

You can test email content you create under your campaigns. We recommend the following tests to be done: when an email template it’s changed. This test should be the most thorough, for all main email clients, on browser, desktop or mobile devices. when a new campaign is created or modified. […]

Opencart module questions

You are using one of our Opencart integration modules. Based on various shop configurations here are the most common issues: Product URL’s are not valid catalog/controller/module/VTfeed_opencart.php?sef=on When we synchronize product information, the endpoint accepts variables to make changes to the exported data. For sef param, you can set the following […]

Soft bounce vs Hard bounce.

What is a soft bounce Soft bounce means that the email address was valid and the email reached recipient server. However, the server could not deliver it to the address for reasons like the following: email address was full and could not receive more emails the server rejected the email […]

Email Open and Click reports

By default we track email opens and clicks using the same industry-wide implementations: How is Open tracking done: An invisible Image is added to the email content. The image is unique per email sent. When the image is loaded we register an email open event. Users are using an email […]