Testing interaction campaigns without integration

Testing an interaction campaign can be done if you have an account but didn’t integrate your website. For this you need a browser extension like Custom JavaScript for websites, depending on the browser there can be other extensions. Add the integration script from your account, Settings -> Account profile -> […]

Understanding activity segmentation

Segmentation can be done based on user profile attributes and user activity. Here we will talk about user activity. By activity we mean events specifically done by your users on your website or email and events created based on campaigns or their online behaviour. Site events: view product page, add […]

Can I know what IP are you using to access our servers?

We can not provide you the IP because we use more than one server and there is also the possibility that theseĀ  servers will be changed depending on how many more we will add. This applies to: feed parsing (accessing feed URL on your server) email sending using your SMTP […]

Our images from gallery templates you can use for free

Feel free to use the following images in your html templates. Just copy the source and paste it in your html. https://files2.vtcdn.net/_assets/images/close_x_white.png https://files2.vtcdn.net/_assets/images/close_x_white.png https://files2.vtcdn.net/_assets/images/close_cross.png https://files2.vtcdn.net/_assets/images/close-icon-white-border.png https://files2.vtcdn.net/_assets/images/close_simple.png https://files2.vtcdn.net/_assets/images/close.png https://files2.vtcdn.net/_assets/images/close_simple2.png https://files2.vtcdn.net/_assets/images/close_simpleX.png https://files2.vtcdn.net/_assets/images/close_window1600.png https://files2.vtcdn.net/_assets/images/close_x_black.png https://files2.vtcdn.net/_assets/images/close_x_black.png https://files2.vtcdn.net/_assets/images/close_x_gray.png https://files2.vtcdn.net/_assets/images/stars_0.png https://files2.vtcdn.net/_assets/images/stars_1.png https://files2.vtcdn.net/_assets/images/stars_2.png https://files2.vtcdn.net/_assets/images/stars_3.png https://files2.vtcdn.net/_assets/images/stars_4.png https://files2.vtcdn.net/_assets/images/stars_5.png https://files4.vtcdn.net/_assets/icons/sm/twitter-circular.png https://files4.vtcdn.net/_assets/icons/sm/facebook.png https://files4.vtcdn.net/_assets/icons/sm/instagram.png https://files4.vtcdn.net/_assets/icons/sm/linkedin.png https://files4.vtcdn.net/_assets/icons/sm/youtube.png

Emails not being sent?

It might happen that you set some campaigns and start running them but no emails are being sent. There are a few reasons for this, and here are some details you should check to prevent this issue: Make sure the conditions are set correctly, be careful with the use of […]

Email sending speed and limits

Our system usually sends emails with a rate ranging from 30 emails/second up to 200. If you use external service providers (Amazon SES, SMTP, SendGrid) make sure they support receiving requests up to this limits. For Amazon SES you can read about sending limits here: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/ses/latest/DeveloperGuide/increase-sending-limits.html