How to identify/send authenticated users to the application?

By default we identify user who log into their accounts automatically. However this is not possible all the time, mostly because of credentials saved in the browser, or usage of extensions like LastPass or 1password. To circumvent this potential miss of real users who are logged in into their account you […]

How to import users and segment them afterwards

The easiest way to import email address and segment them afterwards: 1. Import from CSV file, Mailchimp or copy/paste Click here to see how to import users 2. Below the import section, add a tag like in the image below.   3. Use the same tag for segmenting the users:

How campaign tags work

On campaigns list page, for every campaign you can add a maximum of 5 tags. Click on  and then click on Edit tags.             Tags allow you do group similar campaigns, to view grouped reports and to limit sending of emails.    

How Sending Limits work

We’ve introduce Sending Limits to help you better control the number of emails a user receives in a specified time-interval. From Users -> Limits you can set these limits like the following: Campaign Types Limits For campaign types (transactional, recurring and newsletter) you can set the maximum number of emails […]

How to resubscribe an user?

If an user has unsubscribed or your defaults are set to false, you can subscribe an email address by the following methods: From site javascript: Based on this article, there are javascript events you can send to our servers from your website. Send us the email address of the user […]

How do I export users ?

Users can be exported using segments, from Users -> Segments Add desired user conditions and activity to the segment, and click Save Go to Export tab to either download a CSV file or automatically export to a FTP server. Configure a FTP server before if you need to. Select user […]

API overview

Our API is currently limited to adding/editing users and attributes for your account. Before using API please ask your account manager to enable it. API endpoints Current endpoint is available at: API Conventions API versioning is handled using a major version number in the URL, e.g. /v1/endpoint URL paths, URL […]