Account Setup Start

This is a dedicated page to guide you through all our features and setting things up for your account.

Page is made of 4 sections, to guide you from start to understanding all our marketing automation features:

  1. Getting started
  2. Account setup
  3. Learning and tutorials
  4. Improving results

Getting started

A list of checkboxes is available to understand what’s needed for the full integration & setup. Check all things that you want to accomplish using our marketing automation solution.

Based on the things you checked, the next required sections will have a red star a yellow background, like below:

The skip step link marks the section as done so it won’t appear anymore in the list.

The green checkmark means the step was done and is not required anymore.

Obviously, the first step to make things work is to integrate our javascript code into your website (or use or integration modules for various ecommerce platforms). You can also invite users to your account, with various permissions.

Account setup

This section includes settings for most common used features:

  • Domain authentication (so we can send emails on your behalf)
  • User import (manual upload, CSV files or Mailchimp)
  • Custom URL’s (for public facing pages)
  • Translate pages
  • Scenarios (understand our prebuilt campaigns)

Learning and tutorials

Find more information on how to get the most out of our application from the tutorials. The yellow binocular

will give you help around each screen.

Improving your campaigns

Those are extra features available under our services. It also covers all running campaign types so you have an overview of what kind of solutions you still have to improve your results.

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