Edit agency settings

Under My profile you can change agency settings. Please first check how to setup up white-label.

Allow clients to add/edit email providers.

We integrate with many ESP that have open API’s (Mandrill/Mailgun/Sparkpost/Amazon Ses/ElasticEmail/Sendgrid). If your clients have their own accounts with these ESP they can add credentials and use existing accounts instead of our default one.

UTM Tracking

Default UTM tracking parameters for new accounts. Can be changed at account level.

Conversion Settings

Default duration for which we consider a conversion as being assisted


You agency can receive notifications for:

  • new users
  • new accounts are added by those users
  • client is close to reach it’s limits (still experimental)

Default enabled campaign types

Campaign types can be enabled or disabled for each account. Agency settings are set as defaults and will be applied to new accounts.

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