How do User Tags work?

“Tags” represent a special attribute for users, because it can contain multiple unique values.

Tags values are converted into lowercase, and any character non alpha-numeric is removed.

MY Tag &#= IS Nice” will be saved as “mytagisnice”.


Adding tags to users

You can only send Tags along with “login” and “update” events to add all those values to user tags.┬áPassing tags along with other events are ignored.

If a tag is sent multiple times, it will only appear once in users’ tags. To send more than one tag, pass a list of tags, otherwise send it as a simple string/text.

[“tag1”, “tag2”, “tag3”, “tag4”]

Here is an example of update event:

_vteq.push({"update":{"name": "Alexandru", "tags": ["tag_one", "tag_two"]}})

will update the user with the tag: tag_one and tag_two.

Removing tags from users

If you want to remove tags from users, just add – (minus) in front of the tag value.

_vteq.push({"update":{"tags": ["-tag_one"]}})

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