How product recommendations work inside email?

Our recommendation engine can deliver products into emails, site campaigns, push notifications or third-party services.

By default it is integrated into our email editor where you need to choose what algorithms should the system use to embed products into the email.

Based on the type of email (transactional / newsletter) some algorithms have even more data to work with. For example:

  • for abandoned cart recovery emails we know the item that was added into the cart, so we can use it’s information right into email
  • for newsletter/recurring campaigns we can use any data from the user. There’s no trigger event in here.

In the email editor, on the side where you have all email elements, drag the ones that include product recommendations:

Dragging it to the email content area will show an element like the following:

The cogs button will allow you to edit recommendations algorithms and it’s settings:

You need to enter the number of products to display and choose at least one algorithm.

If you selected email elements that do not include recommendations you will need to manually select the items that will be included in the email.

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