How to debug or investigate events, emails and campaigns

You might want sometimes to see if campaigns conditions are validated, or event/user data is correctly inserted into the email template.

As you know we gather user events on various browsers (mobile, desktop, tablets or even offline). This information is gathered by our servers and analyzed in order to trigger and send the campaigns.

Preview triggered email campaigns (transactional and workflow)

To see all the events received in real-time go to Setup->Activity Feed

To debug an event, you just click it to expand details. That’s all the data we receive about it.

You can use this information to preview campaigns&templates. Copy the entire object, including {} and paste it in any template preview (for transactional campaigns only).

It will simulate the sending of an email based on this event, assuming that all campaign conditions are valid and time passed after the event.

If you only have an email address to debug, enter user email address or user ID in the top input. It will only replace user tags, and some dummy event data

Validate historical data for users, events and emails

In production, you might want to find the reasons why an user received or did not receive an email.

Conditions for valid interogations:

  • no changes made to campaign triggers
  • no changes made to campaign content, recommendations block
  • user is still valid, it did not change subscription status and was not deleted in the meantime.

If the above are set, go to Users -> Users and search for the email address.

In the events section you’ll find a chronological list of events we received in the past 7 or 30 days (depending on your account level and configuration).

From this list you can check what events triggered the email (must match campaign trigger), and also if there were stop triggers (which stopped email sending). You’ll also see the send email event for the specific campaigns you are looking for.

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