How to rebuild carts for users who receive cart recovery emails?

The most used transactional email is used to recover abandoned carts.

But what happens if user opens and clicks on that email, but when coming to your website the cart is empty?

Well, that’s a lost client. But using our solution you can rebuild carts right from the link in the email.


  • Your backend saves user carts (regardless if user is logged in or not) and identifies carts based on a unique ID.
  • You send this unique ID to us along with the addToCart event.
  • Your system can recover carts if you send the cart unique ID to a specific page.


If those 3 are true, then you can save lots of money. Add the cart unique ID to the link in the email as below:

Rebuild lost abandoned carts

The **|event.cartId|** tag will be replaced with the one you provided when user added to cart. You save users’ time to add all products to the cart and also get rid of frustration their cart is empty.

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