HTTP vs HTTPS domains for push notifications

Using push notifications on HTTPS websites allows extra features not available on HTTP websites.

SSL certificate on your domain (HTTPS enabled)

Setting up our push notifications solutionĀ using HTTPS means that push notifications are seen as officially coming from your domain name

HTTP without SSL

In order to make it work, we are delivering push notifications from a subdomain of All subdomains of have HTTPS and can serve push notifications.

How it works:

  1. You are being assigned a subdomain of (Usually is
  2. Users will beĀ asked for permission using our permission widget (or another interaction campaign)
  3. Clicking on accept button will open a window that prompts for the push notifications permission by the browser.

Browsers consider and being two different entities. That’s why is recommended to install a SSL certificate on your own domain. There are multiple benefits for this, including Search Engine Optimization.

Read about Installing Push Notifications on your own domain.

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