Methods to unsubscribe a user

Sometimes people simply don’t see the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the emails. Or they are too lazy to click on it.

Here are some ways to manually unsubscribe a user:

1.From the user profile page

Each email address has a profile page. You can search using its email address., in Users -> Users

Clicking on the email address will display the user profile information. Here you can manually choose to subscribe/unsubscribe an email, setting Is Subscribed to Newsletter and/or Is Subscribed to Transactional emails to FALSE

2. From the shop unsubscribe page

From Setup -> Pages -> Custom Domain&Links you can click the link next to Unsubscribe page: which will get you to your own unsubscribe page.

Here just enter user email address and click unsubscribe. It will be unsubscribed from both newsletter and transactional type of emails.

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