Product browse retargeting

Our app is offering the option to copy from gallery a campaign content created by us for the campaign you want to use.

The product browse retargeting campaign is a recurring one because it’s a newsletter that is constantly send at a specific time interval. Once you create the campaign, you have the possibility to choose the content created by us by clicking the Copy from Gallery button.


In order to copy the campaign you have to choose the campaign name and the template you want to use.

Screenshot from 2016-04-27 15-10-36

The campaign works daily and it send an email to very user who visited at least 4 product pages a day before and didn’t complete a purchase. The email contains a message and 3 products from the ones the user saw during the last 30 days.


Note: The email content can be edited based on your business. The settings can also be changed, for example you can set to show 6 products instead of 3. The campaign created by us is just an example that can help you.


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