Why purchase value is different

We synchronise product data with site events based on the product feed. Basically, when a user purchase something we receive the following information:

  • product_id_a, quantity_a
  • product_id_b, quantity_b
  • product_id_c, quantity_c
  • ….
  • total (from the platform, it might include shipping, discounts and other stuff)
  • a few other user information (email, orderId)

When this event reaches our servers, we compute purchase total by multiplying product price from our feed with the quantity received.

So total becomes price_a * quantity_a + price_b * quantity_b … and so on.

In some cases some products might be missing from the product feed, or product price is not updated. So they are not considered for computing the total.

So here are the reasons total might be different:

  • we do not consider shipping costs or discounts added to the purchase
  • products might be totally missing from the feed (for example variations/sizes/colors for a product)
  • product price might be different (it’s not updated in real time)

Usually this total is lower than the one you have in your database. If you really want to have the exact total, please contact us to consider total received from integration, and not the total we are computing ourselves.


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